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Custom made furniture near me is not easy to find. Searching the same will confuse you more than help. Thus, let's get all the guesswork out of the equation and find you some of the best custom made furniture near me. Most of the furniture that we buy is customised. This is because the measurements of each of our houses are different. To solve the problem, Davis Furniture is always ready.

We are a company that has an experience of fifty years. Different instances during these years have made us grow and understand the needs and requirements of the customers like no one else. We provide an unmatched customisation experience for our customers. You can choose any furniture of your choice and ask us to customise it as you please. You can ask us to reshape the product, including a new design or even change the style of the product from traditional to contemporary and vice versa. You will find a large number of different styles of furniture for different product categories. Some of these categories include bedrooms, dining essentials, offices, etc. Davis Furniture also offers you some aesthetically pleasing wall units for your TV and sturdy tables for keeping your coffee mugs and lamps. Our company has a strict quality control policy and we use only the best Timberwood trees available in Australia. We also provide you with the option of English Oak and American Walnut. You can also customise the finishing that you want for your furniture. We provide three different finishing options, namely - lacquers pre-catalysed single-pack lacquers and sealers, some of the best waxes and oils and two-pack lacquer. All these finishes provide you with various safety options like water resistance, protection against dampness, longer durability, etc.

So don't waste time searching on the internet for custom made furniture near me. David Furniture is the perfect answer for custom made furniture near me.


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