The Past, The Present and into the future

The Davis story began in the early 1970s when Ray Davis designed quality, Spanish-style furniture from Victorian Ash timbers, hand-produced in his small, family workshop in Melbourne.

From these humble beginnings, Davis Furniture grew to become one of Australia’s leading furniture manufacturers operating out of a 25,000 square foot factory in Bayswater, supplying Australia’s largest retailers.

Davis’ Australian-made Blackwood and Tasmanian Oak furniture was instantly recognisable for its innovative design, outstanding workmanship and quality in functionality and finish.

Today, Davis remains a family owned company, hand-crafting every piece from inception to production.

Our team of highly skilled craftsmen and women share Davis’ passion for creating the very best quality custom-made furniture, tailored to suit the needs of every customer’s needs.

We see our creations as collaborations.
Our one-on-one consultation with every client ensures each piece of furniture fulfils the space it occupies with style, function and quality.

We pride ourselves on using Australia’s highest quality sustainably sourced timbers,

both new and reclaimed and offer a variety of finishes that enhance,  protect and prolong the life of every piece.


Made to Order

We specialise in custom made solid timber furniture.

Through one to one consultation we will design and create something unique.

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